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Saving Groups and Coop Businesses

Moving together, we can go far.


In Kinyarwanda we say, “Ntakinanira abishyize hamwe!” which means nothing is impossible for those who put their hands together. As the founders of Rungano-Ndota, we learned the power that has come from combining our strengths. So to help our youth change their livelihoods, we encourage them to join their efforts together as teams.

RNI youth put their hands together to build energy for their business.

Working together in saving groups and cooperatives,

RNI youth exercise leadership values while they uplift

their standards of living.


Because trust and teamwork are so important for our youth, RNI encourages them to join saving groups and practice collaboration.


 When vulnerable youth want to start a cooperative,

they lack collateral that would allow them to access

startup capital. So RNI helps them develop strong

business plans and then provides a no-interest loan

so they can start!


To help youths cooperatives build and sustain their businesses, RNI staff connect with experienced external

coaches who advise us. They help us develop innovative ideas as we consistently coach the cooperatives .

Steps in the coops journey

at Rungano-Ndota

RNI encourages youths

to join saving groups.



- Gloriose Mugirase RNI youth and member

of corn cooperative.

“Joining a cooperative is a big experience for my personal empowerment. In the cooperative,
I am becoming a strong woman.”


- Samuel Manishimwe, RNI youth

and member of cassava cooperative.

“Collaboration in a team with good leadership
makes us allies who achieve success. Good teamwork turned my struggling 
life to a better one!”


RNI Coops register as independent businesses with

the Rwandan Government’s Cooperative Agency.

But we keep guiding them to support their success.


30 modern hives | 8 traditional hives 

Average production 30 kilograms per month 

Selling to neighbors, local shops and food stores


RNI always has more coops in the pipeline!
Would you like to help more youth put their hands together
to touch the sky!

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