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Our Impact / Our Context

At RNI, impact is our passion. We always seek to shape a world that vulnerable youth deserve.  To know if we are progressing towards that vision, we survey the youth and our activities every year.

Below you will see the results of our annual assessment in 2021. 

Before you see that data, however, we encourage you

to understand the life of RNI youth. 


Vulnerable youth are in the front of what we do.  We trust them. 

They are leaders and agents of change. To understand RNI’s impact, you must also understand the context of RNI youth. 

So we invited the youth to share their context through pictures!


Two RNI youth have personal businesses as photographers.  

Mostly they take pictures for weddings and passports. 

But we asked Jean D’Amour Ishimwe (on right) and Gilbert Iradukunda (on left) to take pictures

of the lives of RNI youth. They accepted our challenge and we hired them for the job!


Here is the world RNI youth share with you today!

Here is the progress of RNI youth shaping a world that they deserve!

2021 Impact: RNI’s 200 Youth Take Initiative as Leaders  


In a Rwandan context vulnerable youth don’t find it easy to take initiative. We are proud to see RNI youth stand in front of elders and share ideas!


Society does not expect vulnerable youth to be at front of saving lives of their family and community members in difficult times.But RNI youth took action during Covid.

2021 Impact: RNI’s 200 Youth Take Initiative for their Livelihoods  


Being involved in different income generating activities boosts youth’s leadership capacity. So they become productive to the community by starting businesses, getting jobs, and hiring others for new jobs

they have created!


2021 Impact: RNI’s 200 Youth Take Initiative Change Mindsets!


Vulnerable youth feel society often looks at them as problems.

As RNI youth start businesses and take action as leaders, they feel the community now sees that vulnerable youth are assets

who bring solutions!


"These youth are highly successful, much more than those youth who have not had the chance to join Rungano-Ndota’s leadership and economic projects. Your program is special. 

My colleagues and I in the local government remain committed to give all possible support

where you need us!"

- Alphonse Munezero

National Youth Council Coordinator, Ruhango District

To thrive, these youth need every one of us!

Let’s join our hands together to support this model for impacting the lives of more youth.

Murakoze! / Thank you!

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