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Teams at Trade School (TVET)

Hands-on skills make the dream work!


Members of the RNI bakery cooperative at trade school!

As RNI’s founders, when we were young we were able to start small businesses

as individuals. To improve our livelihoods more, we needed vocational skills and a team

to work with.  At that time we lacked the opportunity, so we are proud to send teams

of youth to trade school today!

From vocational education and training, the youths learn skills

and knowledge to develop the business of their dreams. 


RNI believes all youth can succeed, even those who left

school early. We know they can contribute to community development like people who got an education. Going to

trade school boosts their confidence and success!


Classes are taught in English and youth also need English for professional purposes, so RNI provides English classes before

the youth start trade school.


Empowerment grows when people have choices.

RNI supports youth in choosing the way that trade school

can help their livelihoods.


School can be challenging for RNI youth. So we support them with workshops on school success and business planning

while they are at trade school.

Overall approach for technical training

at Rungano-Ndota


After BIG day, all RNI youth with business ideas can attend

a bootcamp


In a bootcamp youth learn to prepare  business plans


The staff awards scholarships to the groups with most promising business plans


Youth use their business plans to apply for scholarships


Youth attend English classes to prepare them to study and succeed



The staff supports the

youth all year long,

providing a series of workshops for school success and business coaching


Youth start

businesses of their dreams!


"I dropped out of school in year 3 of secondary school

(9th grade). My family could not afford school fees and scholastic materials. After leaving school, I became lonely and hopeless. I was always thinking about how my future would turn out. Then I came to Rungano-Ndota. Mentorship and program days helped me become confident and open to other youths. My new friends and

I realized that in our community there was no garage and it was needed. We got Rungano-Ndota scholarships to go to a trade school and study auto mechanics, aiming to go back home and opening a garage. After graduation, we went for extended internship to be sure our skills are strong. We are now developing our business plan and planning to open a garage soon. I hope that with this garage I am going to change my livelihood as well

as improve my community."

- Eric Hagenimana, RNI Youth

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