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Let's Help Vulnerable
Youth Shape A World They Deserve!

Josiane's Graduation Speech

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As founders, we grew up in the rural areas of Ruhango District in Rwanda. Our childhoods were marked by poverty and the aftermath of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. Despite the challenges we faced as vulnerable youth, we discovered our inner strength and potential. This realization inspired us to establish the Rungano-Ndota Initiative (RNI), with the aim of empowering today's youth. 

Rungano-Ndota's story started in the

Nyungwe Forest.

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Rungano-Ndota means “a dream generation.”

We started building this generation in 2017 in our community, Ruhango District.  

What we do:

Rungano-Ndota Initiative catalyzes an ongoing, inclusive community of vulnerable youth where they build empowerment as people, leaders, and entrepreneurs -

a “dream generation.”

Here’s what our youth say about their experience in Rungano-Ndota:

Rungano-Ndota shapes a world for us that: 

Welcomes us in a loving family with friendship, joy, respect and trust

Listens to our voices, experiences, and opinions

Cares about our dreams and helps us achieve them

Believes we can contribute as community leaders

Guides us to develop our talents and livelihoods

In that world we: 

Build confidence and become positive catalysts for others

Earn money and have hope for a better life

Create jobs and employ others

Are respected like other Rwandans who build a positive future

Become part of “a dream generation” for our country!


I see young people who did not have a future, who had a kind of trauma because of the hard life they passed through when they were young. Now they are smiling.

They are fighting for their tomorrows.

Oh my God, that makes me proud!


- Yvonne Kagoyire

Leadership Team Member

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Join our community dedicated to youth empowerment. 

A world that vulnerable youth deserve!

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