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Meet Rungano-Ndota Youth!

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We are dedicated to the most vulnerable youth in our country. 

As leaders of RNI, we grew up with struggles like theirs. We are proud to see them develop and stand up strong for themselves, their families, and their communities.


Our community is inclusive of youth of both genders, balanced at roughly 50/50. RNI also includes all faiths in Rwanda, both Muslims and Christians, including Catholics, Protestants, and Adventists.

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All 200 Rungano-Ndota youth are from poor families, the bottom two socio-economic categories (Ubudehe) in the country. 



With the challenges of poverty and other obstacles, most of our youth are not able to go far in school. Their low levels of education then reinforce their poverty and other vulnerabilities.

This cycle takes time to break. 


Educational Levels Among Our 200 Youth


 Rungano-Ndota encourages all youth to go as far as possible in school,

and even to return after they drop out. 

We mentor all the youth in their studies, and we are proud of those few youth whom we helped find a way to reach university!  

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With all these challenges, our youth often feel

that the community treats them as failures. 

After some time in Rungano-Ndota, they realize they are still capable! With guidance and support of the Rungano-Ndota community they do improve their lives. 


The growth and achievements of our youth also change the perception of other vulnerable youth

in the community. So Rungano-Ndota is a catalyst for our youth, and they are catalysts to encourage others as well.

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Alice Uwimana, RNI youth 

"Before joining Rungano-Ndota I was full of loneliness and ashamed by how my community treated me like a burden. I understood that others had reasons to see me that way - a single teen mother who didn’t even complete primary school, and whose father left our family for another wife. When I joined Rungano-Ndota, I met with people who faced the same challenges as I did. I learned to choose hope and confidence. My business potential grew. I started selling vegetables as a business. Now my community is benefiting from me.
In my village when they want to describe a disciplined and ambitious youth they use me as an example! I saw mindsets shift about how the community feels about vulnerable youth, especially the single moms.

Lord bless Rungano-Ndota for facilitating me to be a good mom, humble and responsible, as I am today."

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Elistarico Hatangimana, RNI youth

 "I used to use drugs and have bad conduct in my neighbourhood, which led to me being detained by police many times.  Eventually they sent me to the national rehabilitation center on Iwawa Island for a whole year. When I returned home, I had to struggle to catch up with life. People were not trusting me, and it was hard to find a job to live on. I was lucky to be chosen to be part of Rungano-Ndota. Rungano has been life-changing for me, like a second family.
I have found love and trust from my peers.  I had time to share my experience with others, my flaws and lessons I learned.  People saw
a change in me and the trust is booming now! I made a plan to work with a bicycle to earn money, and I was able to get a loan from RNI to buy it. Now when people need things, they hire me to go get those things on my bicycle. They give me their money with no fear that I could steal it or use it wrongly. I know that it will take time to get to what I need, but I have hope and energy to work for it!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Rungano-Ndota."

You can help our youth succeed!

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