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Community Service

When we build our community, we learn true leadership.

Umuganda Zainab's Home Hands May 2019 (1).jpg
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We believe that community building is the foundation of a successful world. We saw our community destroyed by bad leadership in 1994, so now we build leaders who are dedicated

to strengthening the community for all.

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Changing the World Starts with Us

RNI Pics-11.png

We help each other in Rungano-Ndota. 

Here we with RNI youth Zainab working to repair

the walls of her family’s home.

“We” instead of “I”

RNI Pics-12_edited.png

We help other vulnerable people outside Rungano-Ndota

who need help. Here we are making mud bricks

for constructing a house of a poor family

who survived the genocide.

We discovered that to embrace the future of our dreams, we need to practice leadership by giving the community our fresh energy through Umuganda,

a Rwandan tradition of community service.  

RNI Pics-13_edited.png

"If fetching water for brick laying to build a house for a poor family matters,

then I matter too."

- Francoise Uwingeneye, RNI youth

Let’s look around and become leaders who make the world

a better place for future generations! 

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