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Connections with others open pathways to discover ourselves.

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Years before creating Rungano-Ndota, we grew up in the same context as RNI youth today. 

So we understand their challenges. Mentorship helped us discover our strengths and potential!

Mentoring conversations

at Rungano-Ndota. 

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To understand their dreams, we take time to listen

to each and every youth.

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To love and care about themselves and others, we offer them a space to share their experiences and ideas.

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To better understand their personal contexts,

we visit each youth at home.

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When challenges develop for our youth,

they know they can turn to RNI for support

Mentoring helps RNI youth make good choices for personal

wellness and livelihood options.

At RNI, mentoring happens in many ways



Cluster mentoring to help youth in the same neighborhoods apply what they learned every month in Rungano Days

Kundwa Groups for youth who experience some shared challenges,

such as young single parents or youth returning to the community from Rehabilitation Centers

Situational Support Groups in response to challenges that a group of youth encounter in their lives

Home Visits to understand

each youth's personal context


at RNI



Peer-to-peer mentoring between youth

in Rungano families when they meet

in Rungano Days

One-on-one mentoring between

a leadership team member and youth

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““I came to trust Rungano Ndota, and I was grateful the program helped me get knowledge about reproductive health and protecting myself from unwanted pregnancies.

I have also worked on my confidence and public speaking skills, so now I am able to pass on the knowledge to

my friends as a mentor for them too!”

– Rosine Niyonsenga, RNI Youth

“Before joining Rungano-Ndota, I was not sociable

because I thought that the problems I had were exclusively mine, so no one could ever understand me. But when I

joined, I heard different stories from my fellow youth that I could easily relate to. I felt a sense of community and Camarade encouraged me to start opening up. I found 

friends and family who helped me in Rungano-Ndota, and now I’m also able to help others.”

– Isiaac Niyonkuru, RNI Youth

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