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Annual Delegation

A community that welcomes others also welcomes learning!

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As RNI’s founders, we experienced loneliness at a young age.  That helped us to define and value the presence of other people for our growth. Building relationships with Delegates brings learning

and happiness for us all!

The 2019 Delegation at a Rungano Day!

Hosting delegates from different countries helps RNI community practice, exchange and grow leadership.

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The RYP Delegation to Rungano-Ndota in Rwanda

happens annually in August for 2 weeks.

To build leadership and business skills,

Delegates and RNI Staff co-facilitate workshops and discussions.

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Cultural exchange between delegates and the Rungano-Ndota community

makes us all more innovative as we learn new perspectives.

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Participating in Rungano-Ndota activities together helps build

networking skills and create connections.

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To experience the beauty and complexity of the country, we visit Lake Kivu and other parks, Genocide memorials

and historical museums, rural areas and our capital city, Kigali.

‘‘Working with the Rwanda Youth Partnership delegation is valuable for my professional development. I learn a lot from different delegates’ experiences, success stories

and challenges in business. Delegates share guidance and advice that helps me in my job empowering Rungano-Ndota youth.’’

- Constantin Habineza, Loan Fund and Operations Officer and Leadership

Team Member


“This trip changed my life and gave me a new hope about what is possible. It also confirmed we have a long journey ahead. I was truly blown away by the young leaders of Rungano-Ndota, their humility and strength and commitment to the principles of economic resiliency for themselves and their immediate community.”

- Glynn Lloyd of Eastern Bank, 2018 Delegate



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