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Our Partners

Rungano-Ndota sincerely thanks these partners for their support all along our journey:

Thank you for being an umbrella and a home to Rungano-Ndota. Benimpuhwe deserves appreciation for accepting RNI as a program

and guiding RNI staff to build a strong organization. We are so grateful to be raised

into your caring hands.


Visit to learn more about Benimpuhwe

Thank you for collaborating with Rungano-Ndota, opening the door for our activities. We appreciate you for identifying RNI youth across the District,  sharing the Ruhango Youth Centre to host RNI activities, and supporting our cooperatives in many ways.  You help us serve our  community.


Visit to learn more about Ruhango District.


Thank you for helping RNI spread the spirit of empowerment. You find great people who are interested in participating in RNI community as volunteers, empowering RNI Staff, and making financial contributions. 
Together we are catalysts for change!
Visit // to learn more
about our partnership.

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